Our teaching is based on precision and alignment with a strong foundation. We focus on the precise placement for each part of the body, aligning the body's structure, skeleton and muscles. Emphasis is on accurately aligning all aspects of the body. We use props to maximise the opening and awareness of the body, providing support and extra extension.

Yoga is a way of achieving a harmonious unity of the body, mind and spirit. Your physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual abilities will be improved through our classes. Your immune, digestion and  respiratory systems will be nourished and hormones balanced through the practice.

We also invite other industry specialists to do presentations and workshops in areas that would benefit our clients including chiropractors and acupuncturists.


“I started to attend Jessie’s class nearly a year ago after suffering from various back pains and injuries. I was impressed by Jessie’s deep knowledge on yoga alignment and restoration. Every asana got corrected here on Jessie’s class where I find some classes skip quickly from one to another and you might not be doing them correctly. Students can benefit a lot in each class they attend. Now all the pains are gone and yoga has become part of my daily life, I strong recommend Jessie.”
Amy Brown

“Attendance at Jessie’s Yoga for over two years, and she is a fantastic practitioners as well as an excellent teacher. Her class is always focus on details as to precisely active body during posture in stead of roughly going through all.  With the skilled knowledge on therapy, she takes a lot of care on my individual needs and awareness to avoid lower back pain or neck pressure etc, but meanwhile strong my body and concentration, helping me to build firm foundation on strength and flexibility under my capability.
Thanks to Jessie now Yoga practice starts becoming my sustainable life style and I really love and look forward to her class.”
Jin Wang

“I started practicing yoga with Jessie since beginning of this year with a goal to ease my shoulder and neck pains. I have benefited a lot from private yoga classes with Jessie. Strongly recommend the private classes as Jessie tailors the classes to my needs and she teaches new moves and poses every class to keep things fresh and interesting.”

Jessie Zhang

Hello Everyone

I am Jessie Zhang, director and head instructor at YogaLab.
I started practicing yoga in 2008, five years later I injured my back and while recovering I became captivated by Iyengar yoga, and the scientific and restorative qualities that Iyengar promote.
Between 2012 and 2016, I taught Yoga part time in HongKong, Beijing and Shenzhen, and translated the "Yoga in action preliminary course" by Geeta S Iyengar text book from English to Mandarin to be published for the Chinese market.

In 2016, I started up my own yoga studio in Auckland called YogaLab, and the following year I enrolled in the Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training Program with Suzi Carson which I passed in June 2019.

My father is an orthopedic surgeon so I have been raised with the mindset of helping others.  I am greatly influenced by the Iyengar methodology emphasising precision and alignment in the postures with a strong foundation, and I try to promote that and my upbringing in my teaching.

2010 International Yoga Coach Association Senior Yoga Instructor
2013 Fine Yoga 200 hours Ashtanga Instructor
June 2019- Certified Iyengar Instructor

Vivia Gao

Hi I’m Vivia.

I have been practicing yoga with Jessie since 2016 and started working with her as an assistant since 2018.  I assist Jessie with making adjustments in classes and lead some beginner classes.

I really enjoy practicing and teaching yoga!

I developed some neck and shoulder issues from sitting at a computer desk all day, so I really see the benefits of practicing yoga regularly and consistently.

I try to style my teaching towards a patient and considered approach so that instructions are clear and easy to understand.